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For model: SEIKO 7s26 diver 

Color: GREEN

(2nd photo is for demonstration purposes only to show how good the chapter ring looks on the Seiko 7s26 Diver - the 7s26 watch is not included in the sale price.)

We don't have a caliper to measure exactly but the closet approx measurement we can get on a regular ruler is:  

Inside diameter: 27mm
Outside diameter: 30mm

Made especially for the 7s26 large diver.  Also fits SKX007 & SKX009. These high quality chapter rings are made of ABS plastic, and painted to precision.

When modding (customizing) your favorite Seiko watch, sometimes just changing the hands isn't enough. That's where a subtle change of color of the chapter ring can go a long way in enhancing the overall look and uniqueness in it's appearance. 

Whether you're putting together that one-of-a-kind mod.  Or just oh-so subtly want to give your existing stock an accent with that subtly "something extra". Then these chapter rings are for you. Just press them into the recess in the case for drop down installation.

Green 7s26 Chapter Ring

  • For model: SEIKO 7s26 diver Color: GREEN
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