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Brand New Gold "Gimlet" Hand Set
fits 6309, 6306, 7002, SKX007, SKX009, 4R1
What Seiko modders have been looking for !!

"Gimlet" design.

Made with Super LumiNova®*
C3 (Looks white, glows green)
Super Lume is the patented Swiss brand of the strontium aluminate based, non-radioactive and non-toxic photo luminescent.
Ten times better glow than zinc sulphide based materials.

Great looking all Gold ensemble:
Gold "Gimlet" minute hand
Gold "Gimlet" hour hand
Gold "Bullet" sweep seconds hand.

Sized at the shaft 150/90.

The hands are sized by the diameter of the shafts/ pinions to which they fit.
Our hands are sized at the shaft 150/90 which means the hour hand has a 1.5 mm pinion hole and minute hand has a .90mm pinion hole.

The hands will fit many popular Seiko divers. Allowing enthusiasts to mod their favorite Seiko watches.
Will fit Seiko 6306, 6309, 7002, 7S25, 7S26, 7S35, SKX007, SKX009, SKX171, 4R15, 4R20 ....

Gold Gimlet & Bullet SS

  • Gold Gimlet & Bullet SS

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