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After years of research and development, we have finally produced the world's first click on shroud for the 7s26 Seiko Diver watches!    
(fits SKX007, SKX009, 011, A55, 7s26 LARGE Seiko Divers)

A patented snap-on fastening system makes for the most affordable "Tuna" type shroud in the world!! 

Simply remove the watch strap, click on the shroud, re fasten watch strap and its done, no more messing about with screws.
Patented composite resin with salt water resistance as well as UV protected material. Surely to be mimicked in the future and knocked off as well.  We'll be there with our lawyers when it happens.  
Remember, you saw it here first!

Photos of watches are for demonstration purposes only, the price listing is for 1 pc of 7s26 Military Green shroud only.  The photos show a 7s26 Diver watch with a regular size crown that becomes almost hidden by the shroud, though can still be easily accessed to adjust crown for time etc.  Some may prefer the looks of a jumbo crown that will be more visible 'outside' the shroud - we sell these separately.

Also please note, we didn’t build this shroud to fit the stainless steel bands with end links (it will fit any stainless steel bands, such as shark mesh bands that don’t have end links).  It will fit the huge majority of types of bands that don’t have end links (a rounded off, curve edged that hugs the case between the lugs) The shroud needs a straight band that has a tiny clearance between the spring bar and the case to allow the shroud to hold onto the watch from underneath.

7s26 Military Green Shroud

  • Military Green 7s26 Shroud
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