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We believe even the most beat up Seiko Diver can be lovingly bought back to life.  We specialise in 6309, 7002 & 7s26 series.  We can custom mod you a bespoke watch or you can buy our beautiful mod accessories and perform magic yourself ... we are here to help you turn that Seiko Diver into the beauty it deserves to be!


The DragonShroud ®

                                                  bought to you by

                                                         Dragonshroud Mods

                                                   the innovators in

                                                   mod accessories.

The idea was born out of browsing threads of various watch forums on the topic of putting a 'non-intrusive' easy mount shroud on the 6309(slim)-7002-7S26(SKX) line of Seiko divers.  With the consensus of the watch community deeming it "mission impossible" - the challenge was on.  5 years later it was "mission accomplished", with the help of talented CAD designers, mold makers, a very understanding, patient and ever-so-loving wife and partner, and a lot of 'break the bank' prototypes. 


Our 5 year odyssey has resulted in an amalgamation of almost every Tuna shroud ever produced. With the flair and bulk of the original Tuna. The practical use of resin in the Arnie. And lots of inspiration from the Baby Tuna, Darth Tuna, and even the robustness of the quartz "Ash Tray", this creation has the DNA of all the aforementioned iconic Seiko divers and then some. Through trial and error, the best possible result for fit and integrity of material has been achieved. While some may think it could have been shaped this way, or that way or another, BELIEVE us when we say, "We've tried every possible design". This one will stay on the watch, and come off the watch again and again (it will need to) and maintain it's structural integrity, period.


Not only does this shroud provide extra protection for your Seiko from shocks, this shroud updates the older Seiko Divers to the trendiness of todays watches which fashion has evolved into larger faces. Put our shroud on your 6309-7002-7S26 and you'll take a watch that is (by today's standards) a small 42mm time piece and make it a 50+mm 'current' sized big one. 


The patented snap-on fastening system makes for the most affordable "Tuna" type shroud in the world!!  Simply remove the watch strap, click on the shroud, re fasten watch strap and its done, no more messing about with screws.

Patented composite resin with salt water resistance as well as UV protected material. Surely to be mimicked in the future and knocked off as well.  We'll be there with our lawyers when it happens.  

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